Violence of undermining the family

By A. Dru Kristenev Violence of undermining

Removing a child’s chance to enjoy childhood, the one time in life where there’s no responsibility to be shouldered for the woes of the world, is ever the agenda of the left. Children are targets of indoctrination from the time they enter preschool.

Immediately they are bombarded by climate change theory, making them believe they are accountable for the earth’s mean temperature, and, among other programming, imposed confusion about what was once the simple difference between boys’ and girls’ plumbing.

Childhood is meant to be carefree while parents handle the hard questions and provide for young ones to grow up playing at emulating their wiser elders. Instead they are now surrounded by so-called adults who refuse to take responsibility for their self-centered actions by forcing others, and especially children, to accept their inadvisable choices.

Progressives’ game is to infiltrate the clueless population, infusing them with amoralism to justify their own imprudent, and previously considered anti-social, behavior as the norm. If they aren’t a large enough sector of society to bankroll their own schools—such as islamic madrassas or the communist and socialist youth movements as seen in the Third Reich, People’s Republic of China or, going further afield, pressing poverty-stricken youngsters into murderous child armies in Uganda—they infiltrate Western public education.

As can be seen, this is not a new method but eons old in application. Training up a child, as noted in Proverbs 22:6, can go both ways—raising them to serve what’s morally right and proper that builds social cohesion, or to accept, condone and imitate what unravels the social fabric by warping the weave.

It has gone so far that should the parent be non-compliant with the minority’s reconstruction of cultural tradition that has been force-fed to youngsters, then secular administrative officials take it upon themselves to step in. In 2015, in Oregon, state healthcare usurped parents’ authority, deciding they needn’t be notified if an underage child wishes to undergo sex reassignment procedures. Oregon Health Authority unilaterally determined that a child as young as fifteen is mature enough to make an informed sexual choice that would irreversibly change the course of their whole life.

In Minnesota, a mother lost the first round of a lawsuit against school administrators that assisted her underage son with sex change therapies without parental involvement, let alone permission. They claim that the son was “emancipated” because he was no longer under his father’s roof, not because he had been granted such status by the courts, which is the only acceptable route for emancipating children. In effect, the son was literally a runaway sheltered by a homosexual advocacy group that encouraged him to make life-altering physical changes that lead to more suicides than most every form of clinical depression. It’s called gender dysphoria and is classified as a mental disorder by the American Psychiatric Association.

When David Edwards, speaking for the transgender organization Transforming Families said, “Purposefully mis-gendering a transgender person is an act of violence…” he conveniently overlooks how he and his cohorts are purposefully annihilating nuclear families with malice aforethought, to quote a legal phrase.

To continually do that to your child is not only insensitive but also really harmful,” added Edwards. The real harm, the real violence is indoctrinating impressionable kids going through a period of sexual confusion that accompanies the onslaught of teenage hormones, that they can possibly understand and make a rational decision about bodily transformations (to borrow his group’s intent) that can destroy a young psyche.

Why would an adult pressure and promote a teenager to alter his life in an irreversible way? To justify the life altering decision that he, she, or whatever gender appellation they prefer, has made themselves. The violence implied and applied is by those who are bent on destroying the normal, the average, the genetic sex identity (which is different from sexual identity, i.e. what you ‘feel’) with self-serving aberrant behavior that is anti-family, anti-social and amoral.

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