Voter Fraud or Election Integrity

By Troy Titus


Election integrity has been called into question many times before the 2020 federal elections. Matt Schlap recently stated that Republicans have long privately discussed the major problems with election fraud, only recently beginning to publicly admit that it is a serious concern. Alveda King, the niece of Martin Luther King, Jr., recently stated that we should all be praying. Pray for truth and justice and righteousness. Some of the issues that have been raised the week of November 3, 2020, are mentioned below. It may be that the U.S. Supreme Court will decide the outcome of the presidential election based on one or more of the following:


Biden underperformed (receiving significantly less votes than Obama or Hillary) in every major city (Democrat stronghold) in this election, except for four cities: Philadelphia, Atlanta, Detroit, and Milwaukee. In these four cities, Biden over performed (received significantly more “votes” than Obama or Hillary). Why?


In Pennsylvania, a state appeals court entered an order that Philadelphia election officials must allow GOP observers to be close enough to the ballot counting to “observe” (not 30-100 feet away). Election officials moved the fence to 6 feet away from the nearest table while moving the counting machines to the far side of the convention center in violation of the injunction.


In Pennsylvania, the state supreme court had ordered that all ballots received after November 3rd had to be segregated (because state law does not allow “votes” to count if they are received after 8 p.m. on election day but the state’s executive branch had “extended” the deadline “because of COVID-19; the segregation was to preserve the issue to be decided on the merits after the election). Election officials in 35 Pennsylvania counties cannot confirm that they have segregated all of the ballots that were received after November 3rd. The U.S. Supreme Court has now entered an emergency order against Pennsylvania election officials to segregate all ballots received after Nov. 3.


In Pennsylvania, it has been claimed in one jurisdiction that there are a record number of provision ballots to count (100,000 of them), a total far beyond the norm.


The entire state of Michigan used computer software to count vote totals that has a “glitch” reported by a county election official (the glitch magically changed 3000 GOP votes to 3000 Dem votes in that one county alone). Additionally, a private citizen has posted video to the Internet of him at his computer on the Michigan State Election Commission site where voters can key in their names to see if their votes have been recorded–to demonstrate that his public record of names of the deceased includes many who “voted” after their death. Additionally, either 120,000 or 12,000 (does it matter? it had been 120,000 until someone caught it and complained and a zero was removed as an accidental error) votes were added to total votes counted in the middle of the night–100% of them voting for Biden (ballots are not segregated between GOP and Dem prior to being counted by the machines for data dumps).


Former U.S. Congressman (R-WI), Sean Duffy, reports that more votes were reported cast and counted in Wisconsin than the total amount of registered voters in Wisconsin.


In Atlanta, Georgia, inextricably, a water main breaks, shutting down the vote counting at about the same time that vote counting is also stopped for no apparent reason in other Democrat controlled cities and states. The GOP poll watchers who’d been observing the count in Atlanta were sent home along with everyone else, but not told when counting resumed not long after the water main break excuse was used to get them out. During the many hours GOP poll watchers had been excluded, huge numbers of ballots were counted for Biden.


In Arizona the GOP poll watchers were not allowed to observe ballot counting.


In Nevada, a lawsuit has been filed with proof that at least over 3000 “votes” were cast and counted by “voters” who no longer live in the state (state law requires a voter to live in the state for 30 days prior to an election to be eligible), and with proof that votes were “cast” by those who died prior to the vote being cast.


In North Carolina, a voter has reported that when he and his wife presented themselves to vote, a poll worker told him, “you can’t vote because you’ve already voted.” After he insisted that he’d not yet voted, and after some appeals, the prior “vote” was deleted and he was allowed to vote.


One voter from one of these “undecided swing states” has reported that a poll worker questioned him about why he had already voted and that it appeared that he was registered to vote twice (same address, same name except that one had a middle initial and the other did not). He complained that he had not, in fact, already voted, nor registered to vote more than once.


In most states, including the “undecided swing states”, voter registration rolls have long had 120% of the number of the total residents in the jurisdiction, per U.S. Congressman Jim Jordan. This problem allows, especially with mail-in ballots, votes to be cast by people who are still registered to vote on the rolls but are long dead or moved away.


At least three USPS employees have made whistleblower complaints about being ordered by their superiors to do illegal things in favor of Biden. In one complaint, the U.S. Post Office employees were told to set aside all ballots that arrived after November 3rd instead of running them through the automatic post-mark dating machine; they were instructed to hand-stamp all of them for November 3rd (even though they’d arrived after November 3rd).


Finally, there have been several reports that the envelopes containing mail-in ballots have been discarded even though they contain data crucial to election law compliance (post-marks and signatures on the outside of the envelopes, e.g.).


U.S. Congressman Jason Chavitz recently stated that he finds it curious that all of the election irregularities reported so far have favored Biden over Trump.


Federal election law (52 U.S.C. Sections 20701-20702) requires the retention of all papers coming into possession of any and all local and state election officials.


There are reports that state and federal law require election officials to allow observers in each of the contested swing states.


Investigations and discovery may uncover evidence sufficient to invalidate illegal votes sufficient to change certified election results in some or all of these states. It appears that courts may have the ability to invalidate entire elections. Regardless, the U.S. Constitution provides that state legislatures have the power and authority to select electors to the Electoral College, but state law and court orders will limit and direct that power and authority.


Most importantly, the United States obviously has serious problems that need to be resolved to restore the integrity of our elections. Hopefully, the U.S. Supreme Court will take up all of these issues in one decision that resolves the winner of the 2020 presidential election. It is important that the American people have confidence in the results of our elections. For GOP and Democrat voters, this will mean complete transparency where the evidence relied on by the Supreme Court is made available to the public and posted online.

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