‘What Did Jesus Say: The Seven Messages from The Master’

By Helen Cook


What Did Jesus Say

What Did Jesus Say

SAN DIEGO – As a Christian author, speaker and minister, Rev. Terry Christian’s singular mission is to HELP all Christians, of all denominations – by presenting only the words, actually spoken, by Jesus Christ.

Every so often a book comes along that can actually make a difference in the life of the reader. This is one of those books that will correct, clarify and maybe even save the life of a struggling Christian.

Author and Minister, Terry A. Christian believes many pastors, evangelists and others have lost the focus and the passion for the true message of Jesus and lead followers in directions never intended by Jesus.  ‘What Did Jesus Say’ serves as a beginning to the return to what Jesus really intended. Featuring the “best of the best” of what Jesus said, this new daily devotional book is one of a kind. His book puts readers into an imagined walk on the beach with Jesus, allowing them to plainly read over 500 passages spoken by Jesus, complete with scripture references at the bottom of each page. It’s printed in color, with Jesus’ words in red and it’s in large print for easy reading.

A Kingdom Expansion review gave the book 10 out of 10 stars and said, “The book is nothing short of phenomenal and will impact your life as you become more like Jesus.”

One Pastor wrote: “To have it formatted in the way you put this book together has such an impact to the Christian spirit. It was truly for me like a connection to Jesus himself- it had a powerful impact on me connecting with who I should be in My Christian walk.”

Terry Christian has recently signed with PrimeStar Publicity a Christian PR firm to begin his testimony tour, Walking with the Master.

‘What Did Jesus Say: The Seven Messages from The Master’ is available in print, e-book and audiobook formats and can be ordered at any bookstore or at Amazon.com. More information is available at www.WDJSBook.com


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