What Every Christian Should Know: Understanding & Defending Essential Biblical Truths


By Good News Staff

Bogus “Christian” leaders turn up at shocking places these days—in the pulpit, on TV, at conferences and rallies, and all over the internet—so you never know when you’ll have to discern truth from error. But if you have a solid grasp of the indispensable doctrines of biblical Christianity, you won’t be among the many who are led astray.


In volume one of What Every Christian Should Know, Brannon Howse explains the scriptural foundation for essential Christian beliefs in a reader-friendly style that everyone from high school seniors to senior adults will grasp. Based solidly on the truth of God’s Word, this timeless and valuable resource shows how to rightly divide the Word of Truth, apply it to your own life, and answer common questions you get from family and friends.

In this volume, Brannon answers these questions and more:


▪ Why does God allow persecution of Christians?

▪ How can you know the will of God for your life?

▪ In what way does much of evangelicalism promote white magic, and how can you avoid it?

▪ How can God use sinful man to accomplish His purposes without being the Author of evil?

▪ How does Scripture show that people are not taking trips to heaven today?

▪ Why does it contradict the Bible to say that Jesus or angels appear to preach the gospel to Muslims?

▪ How can you help a family member or friend defeat anxiety and obtain biblical peace?

▪ Are predestination and man’s responsibility contradictory, or can the two be reconciled?

▪ Is the ten percent tithe a biblical teaching?


Much of what is called Christianity today is thoroughly unbiblical and lies in wait to lead otherwise well-meaning believers off the path of truth. What Every Christian Should Know provides the biblical knowledge necessary so you can stay true to God, identify false doctrines, refute them soundly, and become a heavyweight contender for the faith.


Brannon Howse is the founder and president of Worldview Weekend and author of 13 books, including Religious Trojan Horse, Grave Influence, Christian Worldview for Students, and Twisted Scripture, Twisted Theology. He hosts weekly online TV and radio programs and has created the Worldview Weekend Situation Room to keep believers apprised of critical issues facing the Church today

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