“What Kind of Love is This” MINISTRY TIP

By Rev. Doug Forbes


A while back my friend John Pennio released a wonderful album entitled:  “What kind of love is this.” This inspirational album is just what we need for these troubled times.  It can bring comfort and healing to our hearts and lives.  As John sings about God’s great love, I am reminded of the words of Jesus to “Love your neighbor as yourself.”


John has been helping young people in our area through His Kids Ministry for over 30 years.  John and his daughter Nicole host the His Kids radio program for teens on WSMA (90.5 FM) Monday through Fridays at 5 p.m. and at 8 a.m. on Sundays.  They play Christian music, share words of encouragement and offer hope to those struggling with difficult problems.  John even hosts youth groups who visit the studio, play their own CD’s and talk on the air.


His Kids also has a website at hiskids.org where you can enjoy the radio show 24/7 and access many other features.  To date people from over 90 countries have visited the website as well as many members of our armed forces.  At this time the website receives approximately 20,000 hits a month.


In the summer John and his friends reach out to needy children in our region.  They provide free concerts, hot dog roasts, music CD’s, sports equipment, Bibles and even bike repairs.


Maybe a young person in your life is facing difficult problems.  John and his ministry teams are here to help.  With over 30 years of experience they have the expertise to provide expert spiritual help.  If you are a young person dealing with large or small issues give John a call at 1-781-223-8606 or email him at hiskids777@comcast.net.  He’s always available to help you!


If you need a big spiritual lift this year, I would encourage you to tune into John’s radio program or pick up a copy of his wonderful album.  It’s available at the Heritage House bookstore located on the West Bridgewater/Brockton line, in the former K Mart Plaza, 2029 Main Street, Brockton.  This is a most important time to support our local Christian bookstores.  They are wonderful ministries that have helped and continue to help many people.



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