What’s in the Bible? VIDEO REVIEW


By Rev. Doug Forbes

Recently I watched a video from the What’s in the Bible? series with my granddaughter Hannah.  We both loved the program which made us laugh and helped us learn more about God’s great love for everyone!  These wonderful videos can be used for your children at home or in a classroom setting.

What’s in the Bible is a newer video series by Veggie Tales creator Phil Vischer.  I really appreciate how this series takes you from Genesis to Revelation and answers most of our questions about the Bible in a practical, easy to understand manner.

What’s in the BibleThese fun engaging videos include many of the major Bible stories.  These videos will entertain your young people with crazy puppet characters and fun songs.  They will also teach many positive moral values to your class including kindness, love and how to live a positive life.  These videos can change the hearts and minds of your students and will help them grow in love for God and for each other.  A lifetime of faith can begin with one great story.  These videos may just start a lifelong love of the Bible in your student.

I would suggest that you show a short clip from the videos each week and use it as a spring board into discussion.  It’s a great way to start your class!  What’s in the Bible is available at your favorite Christian bookstore.  Try it once in your class and you will want to use it again and again.

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