When You See What The Chinese Government Is Using On Christians As They Enter Church It Will Chill You To The Bone

Chinese congregants encounter facial recognition and finger printing equipment before entering church



(Tea Party 247) – There’s no bigger threat to the false worldview of communism than the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Christian faith requires that each and every individual live in obedience to the law of God, a law which states every person is to be individually responsible for himself and his family, not dependent on the government.


The Bible makes a clear case in the Scriptures for a government under the authority of God, that enforces His law, not their own, and God’s laws concerning government issues is actually very much in line with a deeply conservative, small government view. This, of course, is why communists in places like China hate the Christian faith and do everything in their power to try and keep a tight leash on how it spreads and how it is observed.


In fact, China’s government is now using facial recognition and fingerprint scanning software to keep track of Christians as they enter church. Here’s more from Faithwire:


Last month, officials set up two biometric scanning machines at the entrance to Muyang Church in Hubei. According to Christian persecution watchdog Bitter Winter, congregants were then forced to have their faces and fingerprints scanned before they were allowed to enter the sanctuary.


More from Bitter Winter:


“A believer revealed to Bitter Winter that over a month ago, the local Two Chinese Christian Councils required all meeting venues established by Three-Self churches in Huangshi city to take believers’ fingerprints and put on file their personal and family information.


The churchgoer is disturbed by the order since the requirement not only puts members of congregations under the government’s constant tracking and surveillance but can also implicate their family members and relatives. He added that those relatives who are civil servants or Communist Party members would be most likely punished or have restrictions imposed on their activities; this can even negatively impact their promotion at work.”


The practice of installing such devices is spreading across the province and provides authorities with vital information on followers of Jesus.


One source who had seen the system in action told the outlet that it was as if congregants were “punching in at work” when they attended worship.


“In this way, the church can know clearly who attends the services and who doesn’t,” he added.


Chinese government officials came under fire recently for interrogating believers who were caught purchasing faith-based books online.


Christians are being invited to “tea sessions,” a colloquial term for police interrogations, after attempting to obtain Christian books through the instant messaging app “WeChat” and an associated online shop called the “Wheat Bookstore.”


China starts installing AI surveillance systems

Speaking to International Christian Concern (ICC), Father Francis Liu from the Chinese Christian Fellowship of Righteousness confirmed that many believers who are seeking to purchase items from the store are being summarily investigated by Chinese government officials.


ICC noted that one such believer was “recently visited by local state security officials thanks to the purchase he made last year.”


“He was asked to provide his cell phone number and WeChat account and had to sign a document to confirm his religious affiliation. His supervisor was asked to sign as well,” the persecution watchdog explained.


As a result of the police action, Wheat Bookstore issued a warning that any purchases made from them may result in a police visit. The shop also advised potential customers on how to approach any conversation with officials.


According to local sources, the Chinese authorities are desperately trying to staunch the flow of Christian books and resources from getting into the country in order to create what they call a “spiritual famine” among the believers who live there.


Now, folks, doesn’t this make you ever more grateful to live in a country like America where you can freely worship Jesus Christ, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, openly and buy resources that help feed your faith?


But don’t think for one second something horrific like this couldn’t happen here in our country. It very well could. In fact, there’s no doubt that the vast majority of godless Democrats who are currently in office and spreading throughout culture would love to have a system set up like China’s to help snuff out the Christian religion.


Unfortunately for them, we all have freedom so deeply ingrained in us just from living in the best country in the world that there’s no way we’d let that go down without a fight.

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