Why Great Men Fall: Living in the Fallout of the Ashley Madison Scandal


By Katie Gumm

GREEN FOREST, Ark. – Many people are becoming numb. The ones who are involved in compromising behavior and those of us who once cared can become emotionally (and spiritually) anesthetized. Our sensitivity for the Holy Spirit can become calloused to the point that wrong behavior only stings (at most), but the sin no longer frightens.
Why Great Men
Why Great Men Fall by Wayde Goodall offers 15 winning strategies to rise above it all, which includes most importantly the One who can keep you from falling.

“Satan causes us pain by manipulating circumstances and people. Then he offers us ways to relieve the pain. The relief he offers is always wrong!” (Why Great Men Fall, pp. 148-149).

This stuff is not going away. We will soon hear of more. Bad choices have been around since Adam and Eve … and throughout the ages, God (in His compassion, mercy, and kindness) has offered hope, forgiveness, and restoration. Good choices also are a huge part of mankind’s history and can become healthy life habits.

Choose to take “the way out.”

Why Great Men Fall by Wayde Goodall offers 15 winning strategies to rise above it all. Strategies such as: * Integrity *Accountability *Mentors and Coaches *Ethics *and more!

“One day at a time, one hour at a time, and sometimes one minute at a time – you can receive the strength, courage, and conviction to hold your ground. You do not have to make the choice to do wrong…All of us have made decisions we regret and all of us can be forgiven and start over.” (Why Great Men Fall, p.156).

“Anyone can read the headlines. It takes a finer mind to go behind the faces of scandalized celebrities and their lurid exploits. Dr. Goodall combines discernment, insight, and an engaging contemporaneity to turn the tale of the fallen into wisdom for those willing to learn.” – Mark Rutland, President, Southeastern University

As we’ve seen unfold, even pastor’s and men of the church are not immune to this sort of fall. In honor of Pastor Appreciation Month from now until October 31, 2015 you can purchase one copy of Why Great Men Fall and get an additional copy for FREE!


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