Woman Doctor Shares the Benefits of Hunting in New Release

By Dawn ObrechtWoman Dcotor Shares

ENUMCLAW, Wash. – A whole new world opened for a vegetarian ER doctor when she agreed to try hunting with the new love of her life. Jumping in with enthusiasm, Dawn Obrecht, MD found hunting to be a fulfilling and exciting life change that enhanced her relationships. From a vantage point of thirty years of successful hunts, she shares the gifts that hunting has brought into her life in a new release, Yes, I Hunt! One Woman’s Hunting Adventures (Redemption Press).

Obrecht, a Colorado resident, author, and former ER doctor who now consults in addiction medicine, relates her journey into the world of hunting. Entertaining accounts of successful hunts are told with humor and sensitivity. The beauty of nature comes alive as the reader is taken along on the hunt and experiences the thrill of the chase, and the satisfaction in providing food to share at the family table.

More than a how-to-manual, although it contains helpful tips and wisdom for those new to hunting, this is a journey of one woman’s personal growth and change. Inspirational, yet practical, the book is geared for those who are considering hunting, are hunters, or who want to support the hunters in their lives. Included are safety checklists, ethics of hunting, tips for successful hunts. The recipe section contains well-loved recipes for cooking with game, as well as vegetarian fare.

“Hunting can be a family sport and a special bonding time as well as a way to enjoy the outdoors and eat well all year,” says Dawn Obrecht.

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