Work While the Sun Shines

By Dave Daubenmire????????????????????????????????????


Please forgive me if I don’t happen to share in the euphoria currently emanating from the Eva

njellyfish who are going gaga over the moving of the American embassy to Jerusalem.


It has nothing to do with whether or not I am anti-Semitic or pro-Semitic, or whether I support Israel or don’t support Israel.  To be perfectly honest with you it has absolutely no bearing on how I live my life.


But the same is not true with other Christians…at least many who choose to write all over my walls at Facebook.  (I never understood why they felt they had the right to write derogatory stuff on MY PAGE.  I’d boot them out of my house if they pulled out a paint brush and starting attacking the drywall in my physical home.)


Dare I say it?  The absolute worship of Jerusalem and Israel by Evanjelly-culls has my head spinning.  Is it possible to be Semite-neutral?  Am I in danger of hell fire damnation simply because I don’t get my Israel pom poms out?  I am Pro-Israel…whatever that means.  But I am also Pro-American, Pro-German, Pro-human.  Does that disqualify me as a real Christian?


Permit me to connect a couple of dots for you, as least in regards to how I live my life.  I am extremely excited about the job that Donald Trump is doing as President.  Naturally, I don’t agree with everything he does, but most of us don’t agree with EVERYTHING Jesus did.  All in all I think he is doing a great job.


I also find it encouraging that President Trump has followed through on his promise to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.  I understand the Biblical significance of the nation of Israel and all of the promises that God made towards them.


But neither one of those events…the election of Donald Trump and the acknowledgement of Jerusalem…have changed the course of my life one iota.  To me, both events are merely sign posts that God is up to something.  I think the jury is out on both of these remarkable events as to whether they will ultimately be for our good or for our demise.


Understand, I don’t deny the hand of God in both events but I think it would be foolish to connect a Biblical significance as to how and when this whole thing is going to play out.


I got up this morning, did my internet show, and made plans for ministry outreaches for the rest of the week.  Moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem has done nothing to alter the way I live my life.


A sign post is nothing more than a land mark that signifies a particular point of reference when on a journey.  Our interstate highways have mile-markers which help verify that you have not lost your way.  They are simply confirmations, or warnings, that you are heading in the direction that you intended to go.


The moving of the embassy to Jerusalem is a mile marker…a confirmation that the plan that God laid out is still in operation.  But most of my Jellyfish friends are acting as if it was a destination.  That now that we have passed that Jerusalem-marker we are simply a few exits away from our arriving at the end of our journey.


That, my friends, is a dangerous assumption to make.  Although the mile-marker can encourage us that the journey is nearing an end, sometimes the last few miles of a trip can take the longest.  What if there is a traffic jam ahead which makes the final miles much longer to navigate than we had anticipated


“Work while the sun shines for a day commeth when no one can work?”


“How long till we get there?” The jellyfish cry out to the driver. “I’ll let you know when we arrive.”  Isn’t that what Jesus told us?  “No man knows the day or the hour.”


I am sorry to quell your excitement about the imminent return of Jesus and the sky splitting rapture of the church.  Rather than doing all you can to hurry along to the end of the trip wouldn’t we be wise to obey His words to “Work while the sun shines for a day commeth when no one can work?”


Be honest with me now.  Have the recent events in the Middle East changed your life in any significant way?  Has the election of Donald Trump really altered what you do in your daily life?  If the answer to either one of those questions is affirmative then you are missing the most significant part of your life.  Your impact, your work, your effectiveness is most felt right where you live.  Try as you might…no matter how much you pray for the peace of Jerusalem you will not speed up nor slow down God’s prophetic time clock.


It ain’t over till He says it is over.


Get your head out of the sky and look around you.  If the clock really is getting ready to strike zero don’t you think you should spend some time warning those around you?  In your daily life are there people that you come in contact with every day who need to hear the message of the Kingdom of God?   Shouldn’t we be working everyday to get as many bales of hay on to the wagon as we possibly can?


I just took a peak outside my window and the sun is shining.  I guess that means it is time for me to get out of my easy chair, put away my computer, and get to work.  The sign posts are there.  We are getting close to the end.


I don’t worry about the rapture.  I’m too busy working.  If the trumpet blast sounds I think I will be on the first busload out.  I just want to make sure that the bus is full when the journey ends.  That’s what the Lord wants as well.  That’s the work he wants us to do.  Fill the bus.


Get your eyes out of the Middle East and get to work right where you live. Real lives are counting on you.  …For a day commeth when no man can work.


Do I have to believe in the Rapture to be part of it?

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