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Pollution protesters attack Chevron oil platform in Nigeria

(WNS)–Armed militants attacked and blew up a Chevron oil and gas platform off Nigeria’s southern Niger Delta region on May 4, the Nigerian military said. The bombing is the latest in an ongoing spate of attacks by disgruntled militants that have threatened the country’s power supply. Officials worry the bombing campaign marks the resurgence of militancy in the region. Chevron’s spokesman, Deji Haastrup, said the attack on its Okan platform forced the facility’s closure, but it will not affect the company’s commitment to export crude. Chevron is the third largest exporter in Nigeria, where crude oil sales make up 70 percent of the national income. The Niger Delta Avengers, a new rebel group, took responsibility for the attack and threatened anyone who tries to repair the platform.

Europe gives France a slap on the wrist over spanking support

(WNS)–The French government is taking a stand on spanking a year after getting a reprimand from Europe’s top human rights body. In mid-April, the Family Ministry of France issued a 16-page pamphlet on various parenting recommendations, including an insistence that “beating a child has no educative property.” Every expectant French parent will receive a copy of the pamphlet between the fourth and fifth months of pregnancy. The pamphlet is a step toward compliance with the Council of Europe’s rebuke, but is not the outright ban the council requested—something experts say would not fare well in a country where spanking remains generally acceptable.

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