You Stand For Life – But Do You Know Where Your Money’s Going?

 You Stand For Life 2 By Jennifer Roberts – Mommy Underground


In this day and age, concerned parents are always on the lookout for products or services that may be harmful to our children and families.


Our hearts are filled with the joy that our own children bring us, and so we also want to fight for the future of innocent unborn children who may be denied their right to life by the horror of abortion.


But the money trail for abortion organizations is complex – you may be helping their cause and completely unaware of it.


Pro-lifers would never donate to Planned Parenthood or NARAL.  We wouldn’t vote for a pro-choice candidate.  We pray and we fight, but is it enough?


Thousands of companies donate directly to abortion groups every day, and Planned Parenthood is at the top of the list of anti-life organizations waiting for a handout by claiming they are a charity.


Others may not donate directly to abortion organizations, but they offer matched charitable contributions for partner companies or their own employees – contributions that are often given to Planned Parenthood or local abortion groups.


So what is the pro-life consumer to do? Well, we need to do our research and see where our hard-earned money is going – but it can be easier said than done to find the time to investigate every company we do business with.


We want to help, and we want to save the unborn just like you.  So we’ve put together a list of the main offenders.

You likely use many of these products or service providers.  You may rely on them at work or depend on them for your family.


But there are alternatives, and while it is difficult to completely avoid some of these goods and services, we can do our best to avoid them when possible and prevent our money from going towards abortion in any way.


Do you have these products in your home?  Their manufacturers directly fund Planned Parenthood and other abortion groups, so an alternative should be used.


You Stand For Life 1Avon, Bath and Body Works, Ben & Jerry’s, Clorox, Converse, Dockers, Energizer, Frito Lay, Kraft-Heinz, Levi Strauss, Nike, Pepsi, General Electric


We know, we love some of these products too, but fighting for the unborn means really fighting to end abortion down to the last dollar.


Try these products manufactured by companies who support life instead:  Coca-Cola, Pampers, Doritos, Mary Kay, and Proctor and Gamble products are a good alternative.


How about our favorite retailers, restaurants, and other service providers?


Yes, it’s a favorite – in fact, almost an icon – of American consumers, but Starbucks is a top donor to Planned Parenthood. Don’t panic – no need to give up your sacred cup of coffee.  Krispy Kreme is a good choice for pro-lifers, as is Green Mountain Coffee company.


Need gas or work done on your car?  These service stations directly fund abortion groups:  Auto Zone, Jiffy Lube, Exxon Mobil, Shell, BP.


And on the subject of transportation, Expedia and United Airlines are a no-go for pro-lifers. You don’t have to stay home, however.  Here are some friendly alternatives:  Sheetz, Pep Boys, Advance Auto Parts, and Jet Blue Airlines.


We are called to help those in need, right? Unfortunately, many charities directly donate to major abortion organizations like Planned Parenthood.  Yes, most of these charities legitimately help others.  They may have even been a source of help for our own families at some point in our lives. Yes, they even save lives – but in one way or another, they work with or donate to abortion groups.


Susan G. Komen, American Cancer Society, American Red Cross, Children’s Defense Fund, LiveStrong, Salvation Army, World Wildlife Fund, United Way


Mommy Underground has reported extensively on the anti-life agenda of international “charitable” organizations. UNICEF, Amnesty International, the World Health Organization, and other international bigwigs are the worst offenders when it comes to promoting abortion – even to minors.


There are charities who do not directly contribute to abortion groups, and they will not match an employee’s donation as part of their charity programs to any abortion organization like Planned Parenthood. They include the American Heart Association, Breast Cancer Prevention Institute, Food for the Poor, Habitat for Humanity, and Wounded Warrior Project.


It is important to note that there are many worthy charities, for example, St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, that may not provide information to the public on their donations or charitable partners. If there is a cause dear to your heart, you have the right to contact someone with the organization and ask them directly if they support abortion groups.


Sadly, there is another popular organization that many of us participated in as kids – or our girls may be a part of now – but the Girl Scouts of America is a direct and major donor to Planned Parenthood.


Now, there are a few areas of corporate America that have a virtual monopoly on the services we need each day.  They are heavily influenced by the left – and are large donors to abortion groups – leaving us with few options other than to use their products. Microsoft, Adobe, and many liberal Silicon Valley software companies support abortion.


Many corporate banks do, as well, like Bank of America and Wells Fargo. And there is only one cell phone carrier known not to donate to any abortion group or organization:  Charity Mobile.  Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile are all culpable in donating to Planned Parenthood.You Stand For Life


Never heard of Charity Mobile? Here is where we have to research and balance our consumer choices.  We may not be able to use a cell phone carrier who doesn’t provide adequate service to our area, but it is worth the research to use a company who shares our views.


Almost all of us are beholden to one company or another who holds a monopoly in a certain area, like Microsoft or liberal credit card corporations. And many of us may be limited when choosing a health insurance company.  Our employers may control that, or we may not be able to switch for health or financial reasons.


Aetna, Allstate, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Progressive, Prudential, and Kaiser Permanente are on our list of those who directly or indirectly fund abortion. Again, it is a matter of research and balance.


The good news is, there are many pro-life companies out there – Chick Fil A and Hobby Lobby to name a few of our favorites.  It just takes a little work on the part of the consumer to be diligent. Try to find alternatives when possible, and boycott companies that are not necessary to your survival. The key is to cut back as much as reasonably possible on any part of our paychecks that may go toward funding abortion.


These choices are unique to each family, but we hope we have given you some insight on how prevalent funding is to abortion groups in the products we use each day. The fact is, the more we support these companies, the more money goes to support abortion.  We may not be able to avoid using all of them, but every little bit helps.


We do have a choice – and a duty to the unborn – in who we do business with.


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